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We are professionals

With more than 25 years dedicated to the image we love to face the challenges of each commission, taking into account all the nuances, arguments and wishes of our clients to reach the optimal result that we all want, both client and studio.


All the services we offer at Madison Estudio have total flexibility of schedules, always with a budget, and adapting to the needs of our clients.

Latest technology

We have state-of-the-art equipment and we work with the 1st brands in everything, both in cameras and lighting, we edit with the best programs and we are always on the lookout for updates.

Ours contributors

  • Billy Hernánsáez.
  • Pablo Llaryora,
  • Miriam Bidondo.
  • Carmen Iruzubieta.
  • Helena Rivelles. "Creative garage"
  • Ricardo Xalma

Special services

For national / international production companies: - Coordination of accommodation, catering and exterior and interior locations, for productions, including the possibility of renting the studio and equipment.

Proven experience

Studies at CEV (Center for Visual Studies) in Madrid (93-95) specializing in advertising photography.

Course on creative processes of analog and digital photography, the photographic image as an editing document (University of Cádiz 2013).

Work: graphic correspondent for national and international agencies

Architects and decorators: reports published in different national and international magazines and specialized magazines in the sector

local and national publishers: European Magazine, Neo, Essential, 100% Fashion, Villas, Interviú, Hola, Mesto Vstrechi, etc

Specialization course in Contemporary Photography (CAC Málaga) 2012-2013.

Our clients

Gómez y Molina Joyeros, Luz Jewels, Tourbillón Pto. Banus, Tsammy Diamond, El Casino de Marbella, Bodegas Teo Conrad, Bodegas Descalzos Viejos, Sierra Blanca Real States, Panorama, Buchinger Clinic, USP Clinic, El peso Graphic Design, Burez Design Workshop , Arq-idea, Paco Galván Arquitectos, Graciela Leanza Arquitectos, Carlos Lamas Architect, prominent Doctors, Lawyers, Facial Team, Dr. Nestor Pisano, etc ...

Best Rates (Quality = Prices)

We are at the customer's service, we provide the best quality, we try to adapt to budgets.


Special packages - OPPORTUNITY


From 2 hours for € 300 + VAT (40 edited photos are delivered) we make a personalized budget.


The time counts when the photographer arrives at the event (The hours always continued). Within the municipality of Marbella


2 hours / 30 PHOTOS / € 250 + VAT


Events within the Municipality of Marbella. (The hours always continued)

PACKS - VIDEOS Offers - Prices without VAT.

photographer Marbella
photographer Marbella
photographer Marbella
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