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Somos una asociación, to promote “cachito culture” alternative to our beloved Marbella, popular culture without any elitism and free to any artist who has something to say, tell, present, propose, exposing ... In our association we want to promote and provoke creative actions, providing space at our flagship headquarters “Madison 8” located at the site of Marbella, in which podoars make music, plastic arts, dance, theater, Photography, performance, who, presentations, gastronomy, workshops, workshops, and what our friends and partners we propose ...We will report on the progress of relevant paperwork to the creation of the “Madison Cultural Association "and invite if you have any information, ideas, proposals, useful to expedite the process do not hesitate to contact us.
That said I leave some images of one of the Jam as a tribute and thanks to all of these piece of artists who have co delighted us their art, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you..